Visualizing my job search

This whole website started as a way for me practice writing code again, after taking a year off of working. I started working on this visualization last year while I was hunting for a job, then forgot about it after I got a job (yay!). 5 months later, here it is.

Link to fullscreen graph

Applied: 82Recruiter Interview: 26Rejected By Me: 2Technical Interview: 11Technical Interview: 1Manager Interview: 2Onsite Interview: 62nd Technical: 1Offer: 1Manager Interview: 1Manager Interview: 2Technical Interview: 12nd Technical: 1Manager Interview: 2Rejected By Me: 1Rejected: 41No Reply: 37

How I constructed this graph

I used d3-sankey.

Graph improvements to do

Here are some improvements I'd like to make the visualization if I have time.

  • Make the diagram more responsive for mobile format.
  • Add interactivity; allow hovering to reveal more details.
  • Reorder the nodes to be more logical.

Some other job-hunting stats

  • First application sent: February 26
  • First Leetcode problem worked on: March 6
  • First interview: April 20
  • Last Leetcode problem worked on: July 13
  • Last interview: August 7
  • Accepted a job offer: August 7
  • Time spent interviewing: ~4.5 months
  • Leetcode problems worked on: 52